People who retweet all their mentions. Who only follow you if you follow them back. Who only like your blog post if it mentions them.  Who set up second accounts so they can retweet and recommend themselves. Who only read something if it affects them directly. Who only vote for their tribe, their interests, their ideology. Who retweet their Follow Friday mentions. People who wrestle everything into their agenda. Who ignore anything they can’t relate to their agenda. Who care more about what they are doing for you than for you.

People like me (and, statistically, probably like you as well). I recently listened to an entire hour of a podcast because I was told I got a mention in it. It was bollocks. Not sure why I did that, or why I care. I’m probably only curious about myself.

Narcissism seems completely part of the fabric of society now. Maybe it always has been, but social media amplifies its visibility: the default tabs on the standard Twitter client – Home, Notifications, Messages, Me – reinforce the use of the platform as a narcissistic tool. If you follow more than a couple hundred people, “Home” overflows so you are more likely to see your notifications than you are to see tweets from others. Using lists aggressively, as I do, is the only way to follow more people and keep sane, but this isn’t a prominent feature of the platform. So we are gradually enticed to track our notifications more than the “content tweets” of others.

Blog like no-one’s reading. Because, you know, they probably aren’t.