I’ve stopped making New Year resolutions – they are too easily broken – but that won’t stop me from setting objectives. I always try to make them SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and with timescales.

In 2009 had two main objectives. Firstly, I needed to get better at my job. For the first few months I struggled even to define what my job was there to do: since it’s largely about strategy it’s hard to find ways to measure success or even to define it in a way that makes sense to people. I’ve come to realise that the job is defined more by the organisation you do it in than by some abstract “gold standard” definition, and I’ve gained a considerable degree of comfort from that thought. So good progress there but the objective remains in place for 2010.

My second objective was to finish my degree. It was touch and go for a while as deadlines piled up, but I made it in the end. After a well-deserved break from studying I have been on the lookout for new learning opportunities: I now think that I won’t truly have learned anything until I start applying what I have studied, so I am looking to maybe setup a small-scale social enterprise and help my partner launch her own company to gain some experience on the ground. This should feed back into better performance in my main job as well.

I have some personal challenges and targets, but I won’t be sharing those here because they are personal 🙂

The main theme is just to get on and do some stuff. The economic recovery is almost upon us: let’s get on with it!

Happy 2010