I attended my first #geekmeet last night, at the Mill on the Exe in Exeter. A geekmeet is like a tweetup but is more for technically minded people: we wanted some space to have the sort of discussions that might bypass normal folks đŸ™‚

It had been set up quite quickly following on from the tweetup the previous week. There were drinks and conversation about everything from Oracle’s takeover of Sun to the relative chances of Android versus the iPhone, different development tools, the fact you can now buy a desktop supercomputer, community wi-fi schemes, and pretty well everything else.

The group decided that we’d put up a web page somewhere with links to people’s blogs, web sites or twitter streams and use that to decide when to have the next one and take some things forward.

I really enjoy meeting new people and this group was small but lively. Looking forward to the next one!